Ajay Khandelwal Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Counselling near Southwark, South London & Marylebone, Central London

DR AJAY KHANDELWAL. 2017 Self Studio Photograph

Psychotherapy in person and online

Hi, I'm a psychotherapist in London, working on line or in person.

Strange times. Is it a dream, a collective delusion; is it real? You may have benefitted from lock down. Why wouldn't you be anxious about freedom day? You may be worried about catching COVID. Giving it to others. Guiltily deleting your app. You may be worried about people getting too close to you. Coughing on you. Breathing. You may be terrified of dying, even though you read the papers, which tell you that everything will be ok. Perhaps you are worried about environment? Where are all the insects? You may be worried about the requirement that you must enjoy yourself, with shiny clothes and loose wallet. Is your memory foam mattress going to help now? How much wine is it actually possible to drink? The football is over. Should you be productive or just slack? Very strange times. Rationality has its limits.

I provide space to chat. Talk, freely, deeply. Unlike your boss or your partner, I dont have an agenda, or metrics, or demand that you listen to me. You might want to, but equally you might not. I provide you with my full attention. A sketch. A doodle, a daydream. Serious, playful. One thing the virus may have taught us is the value of the company we keep. It is hard to convey what happens as it has to experienced.

I can see you in person in London Bridge, or I can work with you on zoom. If you want to explore, if you want some mental space to process things, please get in touch.

I can also be contacted through https://themindfield.world/ where I provide support for individuals and groups working in difficult circumstances.

I can be contacted on 07925709696

I was interviewed by the Telegraph on hedonism and escape during Lockdown - pdf attached


Here is an article for Thriveglobal, on introversion versus extroversion

DR AJAY KHANDELWAL. Thrive extrovert v introvert



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