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Hi, my name is Ajay Khandelwal, and I work with couples and individuals from my consulting rooms in W1 (Devonshire Street) and SE1 (Borough High Street). I provide counselling in South London, or what is more usually referred to as psychotherapy or even psychoanalysis. I am a fully qualified and experienced adult psychoanalytical psychotherapist (Guild of Psychotherapists, London).

Are you experiencing difficulties at work, or in your relationship? Are you experiencing issues such as depression or anxiety? Are you unsure exactly what the problem is? Have you tried a number of strategies and apps, but none of them have quite seemed to work? Psychotherapy may provide an alternative way forward. I provide psychotherapy in South London and Central London, in order to help with psychological and emotional distress and suffering; I also work with individual who are experiencing mid-life challenges, and who are looking to understand their psyche better, and find a new direction.

I provide what is often referred to as psychotherapy, counselling, or less commonly nowadays, psychoanalysis, in South London and Harley Street.

Psychotherapy, in essence, is a chance to make progress, through talking things over. Rather than the quick fix of medicine, or immediate action, it provides the opportunity for understanding and insight. It can be almost impossible to understand ourselves alone. We can be very perceptive when it comes to reading the issues others experience, but near-blind when it comes to making sense of our own lives and psyche. Some modern writers call this the "chimp paradox"; freud called it the "id". It's what makes us to self-destructive things; or create chaos; sabotage our own success and so on. It defies logic and rationality. Yet, the irrational accounts for much of our satisfaction and orientation through life; it colours or relationship to money, sex, relationships and so much more.

Psychotherapy allows individual and couples to engage with this powerful material in the setting of a therapy session. This provides a container for what would be psychological dynamite in other settings, such as when discussed at home. The therapist's role is to create the setting where an indivdiual or couple can gain insight.

The best way to find out if I am the right person to help you is for you to get in touch with me. You can drop me a line by email or call me and leave a message.

I am also the founder and Clinical Director of a London psychotherapy service and have worked with a wide array of issues and presenting problems. If you are looking for in depth psychotherapeutic help, please do get in touch with me, I would very much like to hear from you, to discuss how we could work together.

I work with individuals and couples who are facing relationship issues; depression; anxiety, sexual difficulties, loss of meaning, compulsions and addictions.

Are you looking for counselling in South London; or counselling in Harley Street? I provide counselling in South London and counselling in Harley Street.

My South London practice is a couple of minutes from Borough tube station, next to Borough Market. My Central London practice is on Devonshire Street, just a couple of minutes from Great Portland Street Tube station, or ten minutes walk from Warrren Street. Both are easy to travel to, and have comfortable light filled rooms.

I am a member of the Box Tree Clinic and also No 42. Both are well established psychotherapy practices in Central and South London. If you are seeking help with your difficulties then please do get in touch.

Are you experiencing some emotional discomfort or disturbance? Is there an area of your life you would like to explore in more depth, with the help of a therapist? Have you previously had therapy and are you now thinking of returning to it?

I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist, which means I am able to work with complicated difficulties, and work at psychological depth for as long as is needed. I am a registered member of the UKCP and BACP.

I often work with couples from artistic, financial, commercial, legal and scientific backgrounds.

If you would like help with your difficulties then I would like to hear from you.

If you are unable to attend during the week, I have some sessions on Saturday mornings, please get in touch to find out more.

If we decide to work together then I usually suggest that we meet at the same time each week.

The way I work is usually open ended, so we have the option to continue for as long as you feel that that it helps.

I work in both the Harley Street and London Bridge areas and with a wide range of people, including couples, family groups, and individuals

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